Emmerdale paedo Maya flashed a BABY BUMP as she dumped schoolboy Jacob on last night’s episode, claims new fan theory

EMMERDALE'S Maya Stepney has sparked speculation she is pregnant as she flashes her baby bump.

The paedo teacher – played by Louisa Clein – has been grooming her pupil Jacob Gallagher (Joe Platt) in an intense grooming storyline spanning over the past few months.

Maya has since been found out, and suspended from her job after she was arrested, although she has since been released on bail.

In last night's episode she broke bail and returned to the Dales to end her romance with Jacob.

But viewers noticed something different about Maya.

Fans thought she was acting unusual, but also spotted a slight baby bump, which sparked speculation she is pregnant with the teenager's child.

Maya has been grooming JAcob

One tweeted: "Oh my God. Is Maya pregnant?! #Emmerdale."

A second shared: "She's been acting like it #Moody…. Then again so has Jacob."

Another added: "This is not the end for maya / jakey…… I bet she's up the duff after jakey dumped his load! #Emmerdale"

A separate viewer wrote: "Maya is either hiding something or she needs to invest in a larger coat. She looked considerably bigger than she did before she left. Maybe it was all that cereal at the B&B when she was hiding out with Jakey."

A fifth questioned: "Are they going to write it in that Maya is pregnant with Jacob’s baby? Please don’t tell me that’s the next step #Emmerdale."

Prior to sparking up a romance with Jacob, Maya was romantically linked to David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden).

The love triangle also triggered further conversation over whose baby it is.

A separate person tweeted a poll, which read: "If Maya is pregnant is it David's, Jacob's or Eric's?"

In a separate episode David announced in the pub the horrific ordeal Jacob has been involved in.

But the youngster is blinkered and is still holding on to the hope he can rekindle his romance with her despite the split.

Eric spots Maya back in the village, and gave her the ultimatum to either tell Jacob it's over or he will call the police.

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