Emmerdale fans convinced Dan’s family are CURSED after three relatives die in four years – The Sun

EMMERDALE viewers are fearing for Dan Spencer after claiming his family is cursed following three deaths in four years.

Last night it was revealed Dan's sister Ali's ex Rachel Breckle – played by Gemma Oaten – had died.

Rachel left the soap in 2015 and any chance of return was ruled out after her off-screen death.

The shock news comes just a year after Ali was killed off in a car accident, again taking place off-screen.

And back in 2015 Ali's partner Ruby Haswell lost her life in a dramatic helicopter crash in an explosive scene in the Dales.

Viewers shared their concerns on Twitter, with one writing: "Granted the Spencers' are boring and yes cursed but still…. Better watch your backs Dan & Amelia #Emmerdale."

A second posted: "Dan is right, that family is cursed. Ruby, Ali, Rachel…who next? Sean? #Emmerdale."

While a third shared: "#Emmerdale So Rachel, Ali and Ruby have all died. Poor Dan 😢."

The recovering drug addict was killed off off screen in tonight's episode when Dan was called by police.

He went to pick up her son Archie before taking him to his dad Jai Sharma's house.

Dan told Jai: "It could have been her heart.

"The police phoned me earlier today, apparently Archie was at a mate's house and when Rachel didn't turn up the mum took him round.

"She went in first and when she saw her on the floor and kept Archie out the way. She was just starting to sort herself out, she deserved a better shot at life."

Jai struggled to cope with the news and the fact his son Archie had been dropped back into his lap, three years after he last saw him.

Worried about how he would be able to help Archie, Jai told Laurel: "He doesn't knows me.

"I have barely seen him for the last four years, not at all for the last three.I should have persevered.

"When Rachel got custody and they left I got supervised visits twice a month. It just wasn't enough, he was drifting away from me. She made it hard. I'd turn up on time and they'd be an hour later, even more.

"She cancelled a few visit and I missed the odd one and it became more than the odd one because it was so uncomfortable.

"I was always thinking about him, I swear. It came to a point where one day I realised it had been six months and I didn't go back. I didn't even send him a birthday card last year. He could be anyone to me and I could be anyone to him."

But Jai's emotional reaction had fans convinced Rachel wasn't actually dead after her previous stunts.

She previously conned Jai with with another baby by convincing him it was Archie in order to keep him away from him.

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