Emmerdale death confirmed, Dawn overdose heartache and Nicola attacker exposed

Emmerdale is about to turn up the heat even further next week, as Emmerdale spoilers let loose on some nail-biting storylines.

Dawn Fletcher faces her past head-on when she discovers her best friend Beth had passed away.

When she finally agrees to attend the funeral, the day appears to go rather smooth. But as all Emmerdale viewers know, nothing stays smooth for too long.

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The introduction of her friend Jade and Beth's daughter means Dawn will be left in a compromising situation, however will Dawn do the right thing to protect Jade and the young child.

Elsewhere, Nicola King tries to get to the bottom of who attacked and decides to take matters into her own hands.

With her new found confidence, Nicola finally receives some of the answers she desperately needs.

Dawn death heartbreak

Dawn is clearly distraught to hear her best friend Beth has died from an overdose, but she is initially unsure if she’ll attend the funeral.

But after hearing her husband Billy’s words regarding the death and seeing his support, Dawn resolves to attend the funeral.

Once the funeral comes to a close, Dawn and friend Jade reflect on their past.

But Dawn feels hesitant and knows it’s not a good idea when she agrees to go back to Jade’s home.

Upon arriving, Dawn is stunned to find a child at Jade’s threadbare house.

But things become even more traumatising and awkward when a now drugged-up Jade reveals the child (Clemmie) is Beth’s and Clemmie doesn’t even know her mum has sadly passed away.

Soon Dawn is feeling unnerved when a dangerous man walks in.

Trying her best to help Dawn offers to take Clemmie to her home with her for safety and even offers them money.

But when things quickly begin to turns nasty, Clemmie grabs Dawn’s hand and after and exchange of money and her shoes Dawn and Clemmie leave.

When Dawn arrives in the village with Clemmie, Billy tells her to call social services and is worried when Dawn refuses to do so.

Billy reluctantly lets Clemmie stay with them for one night. But can he convince Dawn to do the right thing and call the social services?

Nicola attacker revealed

Aware her husband Jimmy will be home soon, Nicola knows she has to finally open up to him about the toll the attack has taken on her mental health and her overall wellbeing.

Initially, Nicola tries to avoid the conversation by turning up for work at the cafe.

But not long after, Jimmy is fuming from hearing Nicola’s confession and tells her that he will be there for in the midst of her troubles.

Hearing that Jimmy has her back, Nicola feels stronger for his support.

Meanwhile, back home, Nicola shares the video of her attack online, calling for information on her abusers.

Seeing Nicola's brave stance, Jimmy uneasily supports her decision to publicise her ordeal even further.

With the video of Nicola’s attack gaining more attention and circulating heavily on social media, Nicola is determined to bring girls responsible down.

Just like Jimmy, sister Bernice is also shocked to see Nicola has posted the video of her attack online but contiues to support her stance.

Soon Nicola is armed with the name of one of her attackers and takes it upon herself to call PC Swirling with the update.

But could one of her attackers be a familiar face in Emmerdale?


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