EastEnders spoiler: Ben walks in on Sharon and Keanu leaving pregnant Louise set for even more heartache

EASTENDERS favourite Louise Mitchell was left devastated last night after finding out that boyfriend Keanu Taylor was only dating her because he was being paid to by her dad Phil.

And tonight, things are about to get even worse for the pregnant teen when Keanu secretly reignites his romance with her stepmother Sharon.

Reeling after being rejected by a confused and emotional Louise, Keanu heads to the Queen Vic to drown his sorrows.

Here, he bumps into a concerned Sharon, who is quick to take advantage of the situation following their steamy affair last year.

An EastEnders source told Inside Soap: "As much as it pains Sharon to see Keanu fall for Louise, it's hard for her to see him in so much agony.

"You can tell from Keanu's reaction that he doesn't want to listen to what Sharon has to say, but when she places her hand on his – the tension between them is electric."

As sparks fly between them, Keanu runs out of the pub and heads to the Arches – and Sharon is in hot pursuit in the hope of some alone time with her stepdaughter's boyfriend.

Things quickly escalate between the pair at the Arches – which is owned by Sharon's husband Phil – with one thing leading to another.

However, at the worst possible moment, Phil's son Ben walks in.
The soap insider added: "If Ben puts two and two together and works out that Sharon's been playing away with his dad's mechanic, he won't hesitate in
using the information in his war against Phil.

"He hates his dad and doesn't have a lot of time for Keanu either, so that's two lives that Ben can destroy for the price of one. He'll think he's hit the

If Ben realises what's going on, it won't be long before he tells his sister Louise – who has not only just found out that she's pregnant but that Keanu was being paid to date her.

The blonde learnt the truth while she was on her way to talk to her boyfriend about the pregnancy and accidentally overheard him and Phil talking in the Arches.

Unfortunately, she caught the worst part of the conversation which was Phil pointing out that Keanu was only with Louise in the first place because he was paying him to.

If she’d arrived a few moments earlier she would’ve heard Keanu refusing to do a dodgy driving job for Phil if there was any chance of Louise being in danger again.

He told Phil that he and Lou were together and he wouldn’t do anything that would put her safety at risk.

Poor Louise burst into tears over the revelation, clearly distraught by what she heard.

But what will happen next?

  • EastEnders is on BBC One tonight at 8pm

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