EastEnders Rainie pregnant amid surrogacy heartache as fans spot memory clue

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EastEnders fans are certain Rainie Highway could already be pregnant amid her heartbreaking surrogacy storyline.

Things certainly haven't been easy for her, as she enlisted Bernie Taylor to carry a baby for her – and Bernie turned to diet pills in order to get to a healthy weight to carry the pregnancy to term.

Rainie has been struggling with trying to conceive and learned the heartbreaking news that she would not be able to carry a child.

But fans are now certain the doctors might have gotten it wrong, as Rainie is already pregnant, as they spotted one major clue.

It came as Rainie stumbled into the cafe and proceeded to dump the contents of her handbag onto the counter, complaining: "It’s got to be in here somewhere… I can’t find my purse!"

"I was sure I picked it up before I came out."

Bernie quizzed her: "Have you been having problems remembering things?" – but Rainie insisted she hadn’t.

It led Bernie to jump quickly to the conclusion that Rainie is using drugs again – and she vowed to investigate to protect the wellbeing of the baby she is carrying.

She even hinted that she might not be willing to hand the baby over if Rainie is back on drugs.

And Bernie went on to note that Rainie was having "problems concentrating" as she abandoned her handbag in the cafe before being called back to retrieve it.

Eagle-eyed fans flocked to social media to post their theories, with one writing: "I wonder is Rainie actually pregnant herself now and has baby brain?"

Someone else chipped in: "I knew this surrogacy storyline was going to end in heartache, but I don't like the direction they're going with it. I hate this for Rainie. She doesn't deserve to be punished for her past."

Another vital clue came as eagle-eyed viewers scrutinised the contents of Rainie's handbag and spotted a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs – implying she'd definitely been up to some frisky bedroom action.

"Of course Rainie has fluffy pink handcuffs in her handbag! #EastEnders," someone tweeted with a cry-laughing emoji, as another fan giggled: "I did not just see a pair of pink furry handcuffs fall out of Rainie's handbag!"

Things got even more cryptic as the official EastEnders' Twitter account retweeted one of the posts pointing out the cuffs, writing: "Well spotted" – implying they could be a vital clue for later.

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