EastEnders icon set to join Only Fans due to cash shortage

As Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) continues to search for ways to earn more money in EastEnders, she is set to take drastic action by setting up an Only Fans account in a topical new storyline.

Over the past few weeks, Stacey has faced the horrible reality that the cost of living crisis is seriously impacting how she and her family get by.

She recently resulted in stealing cash from one of the offices she cleans , and accidentally burnt her hand while opening the bap van, fully aware working too many hours was beginning to take its toll.

And as things get more difficult, Freddie (Bobby Brazier) will hit upon a moneymaking idea – and start selling images and videos of his feet online.

This will eventually lead to Stacey making the decision to join the platform Only Fans, a social media platform which allows followers pay to view content from profiles.

An insider told Metro.co.uk: ‘Stacey is really struggling at the moment and will do whatever she can for her family.’

Stacey will use her food van Stacey’s Baps for references in the images, with it being said that the character will have ‘some fun’ during the process, but the BBC One soap will ensure the storyline is portrayed ‘sensitively’.

Speaking to The Sun, a source explained: ‘There’s not much that Stacey hasn’t been through and she’s as tough as they come, and will do anything for her family.

‘Following the recent shocking storyline where her 12-year-old daughter Lily is pregnant, Stacey’s aware she’ll have another mouth to feed so gets to work.

‘In the cost of living crisis, Only Fans has seen a boom in a similar kind of creator – mums and dads just trying to care for their families.’

‘She’s not a quitter, so she’ll keep trying and keep going until she physically can’t do anymore’, Lacey Turner recently told us, reflecting on Stacey’s current struggle.

‘I think for her, as long as her kids have eaten, they’re warm and they’re clothed, then she’s happy and everything else doesn’t really matter

‘She’s lucky that she’s got a lot of people around her so that she can go out at night to do office cleaning jobs. She’s got Martin, Eve, Jean, Alfie, Freddie and all these people to help with the children.’

‘So, she’s lucky in that sense but I think, like any person, it’s hard to juggle two jobs, three children, school, food etc.

‘She’s struggling but somehow manages, but I think that’s down to her good support network.’

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