EastEnders heartbreak as Lola Pearces final days loom

EastEnders: Lola tells Lexi her brain tumour has grown

Ever since Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold) discovered her brain tumour was terminal husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) has been trying to make her remaining time as memorable as possible.

Unfortunately, with her strength and energy waning this is becoming more and more difficult.

On EastEnders next week, when he plans a big day out in town Lola is reticent because she is exhausted, but she doesn’t want to disappoint him.

He is forced to cancel when one of his undertakers at the funeral home lets him down and he has to work which leaves Lola relieved.

However, Jay feels terrible about having to change their plans because of work.

He is struggling as his livelihood is preventing him spending quality time with the woman he loves in her final months.

Realising he has taken on too much and is overwhelmed, Lola’s grandad Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) comes up with a plan to take some pressure off him.

Having only recently learned Lola’s prognosis the heart broken market trader is determined to help.

He enlists the help of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) and between them they arrange cover for him at both the funeral home and the car lot.

Assuring him that he’ll still get full pay Jay is extremely grateful to the pair, but worries about how Lola will react to having him around all the time.

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His fears are assuaged when he tells her that he is on compassionate leave, and she is thrilled they can now spend all their time together making lovely memories.

Meanwhile she has been plotting something herself unbeknownst to Billy.

Despite her own struggles she is planning a surprise party for him at The Vic.

However, Billy is not in the mood for celebrations as he is still facing up to her tragic news.

Honey (Emma Barton) is aware how he is feeling when Lola approaches her about helping out.

An extremely conflicted Honey knows that Lola’s heart is in the right place and has to decide whether to tell her how Billy is feeling.

Despite this the party goes ahead and Billy walks into The Vic to find all his friends there.

Will he be able to enjoy the night and add to Lola’s happy memories?

Or will it all prove too much for him as he faces up to the fact that she hasn’t got long left to live?

EastEnders is on BBC One at 7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

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