EastEnders fans furious as Aaron spikes his dad Harvey's drink on his date with Jean

EASTENDERS fans were tonight left in shock after Aaron spiked his dad Harvey's drink before his date with Jean.

The Albert Square newcomer has made a bad impression ever since he arrived in Walford weeks ago, from harassing Ash Kaur to severely assaulting a taxi driver.

His dad Harvey is trying to move on with his life now he has his job back by going on a date with Jean.

But tonight Aaron couldn't help but interfere and was full of "tips" for his dad to charm Jean – but with a sinister intention.

Some pre-date drinks at the Prince Albert took a dark turn when Aaron started spiking his father's drinks with vodka "to loosen him up".

Bartender Mila soon figured out what was happening and eventually decided to stop serving Aaron after seeing Harvey was started to appear drunk.

Things then went from bad to worst for poor Harvey when Jean arrived and he was completely blotto.

Also, unbeknown to him, his son had also nicked his cash card – so things got even worse when he tried to pull what he thought was his card out of his wallet, and was instead a condom – much to Jean's horror.

By this point Harvey could barely stand and had fallen on the floor.

Viewers were in complete shock that Aaron could be so cruel and spike his own father's drink, and they immediately took to Twitter

One fan said: Aaron showing more and more that he is a t*** by spiking Harvey’s drink – how cruel!"

While another commented: "You never, ever, EVER, spike someones drink, you could kill them! You don't know what meds or medical problems they may have! I speak form experience of someone I loved!*!"

This viewer tweeted: "OMG I can't believe Harvey got in that state because of Aaron."

Another said: "Harvey saved Aaron from the police and that is how Aaron repays him."

  • EastEnders continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on BBC One

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