DNA Journey fans in hysterics as Amanda Holden gets snubbed by her long lost cousin

DNA Journey viewers were left in hysterics last night when Amanda Holden was snubbed by her long lost cousin.

The presenter took part in the ancestral show with her best mate Alan Carr and met her fourth cousin Linda.

Amanda, 50, and Alan, 44, headed to a London hotel to join her relative for some fancy cocktails, after the show found her distant relative that she never knew existed.

But when Linda was introduced to the famous pair she ignored Amanda, and turned to the comedian instead.

Linda's face lit up and she said: "Are we cousins?"

"We’re cousins!" Amanda chipped in, with Linda replying: "That’s not what I expected."

Amanda laughed and asked Linda was she "gutted" to learn she wasn't related to Alan, with viewers picking up on the awkward moment.

Taking to Twitter, one said: "Linda wanted Alan for a cousin. She was almost besotted with him!!"

Another remarked: "Linda really wanted Alan Carr as her cousin Disappointment everywhere"

Another wasn't impressed with Linda and said: "I didn't take to @AmandaHolden's cousin on #DNAJourney She looked like she more interest in Alan. Did anyone else notice? Love your story Amanda"

As one more wrote: "Amanda’s cousin on #DNAJourney was a bit rude! So awkward. Anyone notice they have the same lips?!"

But Amanda shared a sentimental moment on DNA Journey with another relative that left her in tears.

She broke down when she discovered one of her relatives was a founding member of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, which she is now an ambassador for.

Amanda met a member of staff from Battersea who revealed that her distant relative Thomas was appointed Battersea’s first chief executive in 1877 and he was a real part of the history of the charity.

Looking utterly gobsmacked, Amanda exclaimed: "No he b****y was not! Oh my God! Are you kidding?"

The exec replied: "Im not kidding. The first manager of the home who professionalised the whole operation."

Overcome with emotion, Amanda said: "I can’t believe it. That is just amazing. I can’t believe that. And I am a part of it here now."

And as she broke down in tears, she was told: "Battersea is literally in your genes.”

TV star Amanda has been an ambassador for Battersea since 2013 and has a rescue dog herself.

Those watching at home couldn’t believe the coincidence and took to Twitter to discuss it.

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