Coronation Street’s Daniel will become ‘obsessed’ with watching videos of wife Sinead after her death, says show boss

CORONATION Street's Daniel Osbourne will be obsessed with watching videos of Sinead Tinker after his wife's death.

Daniel will find comfort in the clips as he grieves for his cancer-stricken wife, who is set to lose her battle with the illness on the ITV soap next week.

Rob Malllard, who plays Daniel, said: "He gets so much comfort out of it but there's a danger he will sit there wasting away in front of it forever, looking at something that will never happen."

As producer Iain MacLeod told Digital Spy: "There's one particular element in one video that he discovers belatedly and it tips him off an even keel. I think it's fair to say he's almost self-medicating with these tapes.

"It's the only thing that brings his stress levels down to a normal level. But then there's a troubling element in the tapes that threaten to tip him over a precipice again."

Sinead records an emotional video message for her son before her death this week.

The dying mother – who is played by actress Katie McGlynn in the ITV soap – will die at home  in scenes to be aired next week.

But before she passes, Sinead decides to film her thoughts and feelings to be played after she's gone.

It's set to be incredibly upsetting for viewers to see on October 24 and October 25, in episodes totalling 90 minutes.

This Morning's Soap Guru Sharon Marshall said today: "I've been told she does a monologue which is her recording a video to the little baby Bertie.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking."

She added: "I was just speaking to someone at Corrie who has just seen the screening of Sinead's death.

"She said it's the most powerful scene that she's seen in the show's history.

"Apparently it just absolutely gets you."

In further distress to Sinead, she will discover Daniel cheated on her just before she dies.

She will be forced to forgive him for his kiss with Bethany Platt after he goes off the rails with guilt and drinks himself unconscious beside the canal.

Filming the scenes inside the one set took two weeks and took an emotional toll on the actors.

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