Coronation Street star being tested for condition after spotting symptoms

Coronation Street actress Shelley King

Coronation Street star Shelley King has opened up about being tested for autism.

The actress, 67, is best known for her role as Yasmeen Nazir in the ITV soap and recently decided to be assessed after noticing potential signs.

‘I noticed myself becoming quite unreasonable. I didn’t like crowds and I didn’t want to go out, so I decided I’d try and get a diagnosis for autism’, the actress revealed.

Shelley revealed that it was ultimately her fear of large crowds and battling anxiety that prompted her to make an appointment with her doctor.

‘I don’t think 67 is too old, it’s never too late’, she added during a chat with Kaye Adams on the ‘How to be 60’ podcast.

Saying that ‘simple things that people take for granted have not been easy’, Shelley also went on to reveal that singing makes her feel better, and that the autism may be why she continued to pursue her career in acting.

Late autism diagnosis’ have been highlighted a lot as of late.

Paddy McGuinness’ former partner, Christine, fronted a documentary that saw her get diagnosed with autism after the former couple spoke about what it’s like to bring up their three children – Leo, Penelope and Felicity – who are also on the spectrum.

She recently spoke about her marriage with the Top Gear host, revealing that she stayed with Paddy partly because she felt safe and didn’t like change.

‘I didn’t want my family to ever fall apart and that’s why I stayed married’, she said.

‘As an autistic woman, I like to stay where I’m comfortable – I like things to stay the same.

‘I understand myself better now. That’s where I was comfortable – just knowing that it was me, Patrick and the children. But sometimes change has to happen. You just have to deal with it in the best way possible.’

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