Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster turns nasty as Abi Franklin vows to stop Ray Crosby bulldozing the cobbles

DEBBIE Webster turns nasty as Abi Franklin vows to stop Ray Crosby bulldozing the cobbles and building a property empire next week in Coronation Street.

Abi will irritate Debbie when she tries to get the brewery listed as an historical building.

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Viewers were stunned to discover that Debbie is Ray’s secret business partner – and ex-lover – earlier this month.

And next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Debbie step up her game as Abi cottons onto Ray’s plan. 

The upcoming scenes will see Faye arrive at Ray’s hotel ready for work and reveal that Sally has changed her mind about selling the house. 

Ray is fuming and later tells Faye he can sort Sally out with a house in Hale Barns at a significant discount. 

Sally swoons over the property and tells Tim she’d love to move there, before selling her house to Roxy. 

But Abi recognises Roxy and confides in Debbie that she suspects Ray is trying to buy up the whole street. 

Later in the week, Abi tells Craig that she suspects Ray is up to something dodgy and he tells her about the incriminating paperwork he found on his desk. 

Abi breaks into Ray’s office and pockets an interesting invoice, later showing it to Kevin and Sally. 

Later, Sally calls a colleague on the council and confirms that a planning application has been submitted to knock down half the street. 

Debbie rushes to Ray and informs him that Abi has cottoned onto their plans.

Later in the week, Debbie overhears Abi tell Kevin about their plan to have the brewery listed as an historical building – and vows to stop her in her tracks.

Speaking about her own character’s actions, Sue Devaney revealed that, unlike Ray, Debbie doesn’t have malicious intentions. 

Talking to The Sun Online, she revealed: “She’s had to keep it quiet because she didn’t want her brother to find out until it was signed, sealed and delivered. 

“She thinks she’s doing everything for the good of everyone else and I think that is what Debbie’s about – she doesn’t do it from a place where she is going to destroy all the houses.”

She added: “Because she has come from that area, she thinks she can make this place so much better than it is and I don’t think she realises the consequence of these people who have lived there all their lives. 

“She is going in and ripping down an area.

“I think she really truly believes that she is doing this for the good of everyone else, for an actor we think in feelings rather than facts. 

“I have to embrace Debbie’s badness to get an end result and what she thinks will be a good result. 

“By putting a high rise there she can bring more jobs, more community spirit and thinking about the bigger picture.”

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