Coronation Street fans fear for Ryan Connor as a familiar face returns

Coronation Street: Daisy and Ryan have heart-to-heart in hospital

Coronation Street fans have become worried for Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) once again as Crystal Hyde (Erin Austen) made her return to Weatherfield during tonight’s episode.

Before his acid attack, Ryan was hoping to move to Liverpool with Crystal to pursue his DJ’ing career as well as a romance with her.

However, Crystal couldn’t handle the pressure of being in a new relationship and having to nurse Ryan back to health.

After being involved in a catfishing scandal at the hands of Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), Ryan found out that Crystal was actually in a coma.

Ryan was recently dumped by Daisy after the pair embarked on an affair, but the DJ was excited during tonight’s episode after Crystal came back.

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Sitting in Roy’s Rolls, Ryan listens to a voicemail he received from Crystal which said: “Hey Ryan, I saw your livestream, I think I have some apologising to do, are you around?”

Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) noticed his smirk at the message and claimed: “Oh I recognise that smile.”

Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) asked: “Ooh who is she?” but Ryan was quick to shut the pair down: “We will see.”

Later in the Bistro, Crystal arrived and left Ryan to awkwardly introduce her to Jenny Connor (Sally-Ann Matthews).

“You remember Jenny, don’t you? My urm… well kind of auntie I suppose? Crystal my kind of friend.”

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As she popped to the bathroom, Jenny shot Ryan a look and he exclaimed: “What! She called me earlier so I told her to pop in.”

Jenny warned: “Be very very careful. Sleeping beauty she is not,” before heading out the door and leaving them to reconnect.

As Crystal walked back to her seat, Ryan asked: “So what do you think?” pointing to his scars but she was quick to ask: “What time do you get off?”

Not letting her off lightly, Ryan noted: “That wasn’t an answer. I am nearly done so we can get a drink here.”

Crystal added: “Bitter lime and soda, please. I saw your livestream, it was humbling. This wasn’t very cool of me was it turning up so fast.”

Ryan said: “Do you know what I’ve learned, playing it cool is overrated, it would save a lot of time and heartache if people just explained how they felt.”

Is Ryan setting himself up for more heartbreak? Does Crystal have an ulterior motive for her return?

Viewers of the ITV soap have expressed their worry for Ryan and took to their X accounts, formerly known as Twitter, to theorise.

@OliReading asked: “#Corrie does real crystal know about fake crystal?”

@penniless_poet didn’t fall for her act and said: “So Crystal now decides she likes Ryan? Riiiiiighttt.”

@MilesHigher commented: “I don’t believe Crystal… she is back for something and it isn’t Ryan…”

@KentuckyKen noted: “Anyone else worried that Crystal might be the one who was getting Lauren to blackmail Ryan and Daisy? Not so out of reach for the soap…” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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