Coronation Street fans 'beyond confused' by bizarre blunder as Debbie and Kevin fight for their lives

CORONATION Street fans were left confused by a glaring blunder during Monday night’s episode as Debbie and Kevin fought for their lives. 

Viewers of the ITV soap were left scratching their heads over whether Debbie and Kevin were slowly dying in a freezer – or a fridge. 

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Evil Ray Crosby locked Kevin and Debbie in The Bistro’s walk-in fridge on Friday after discovering her plans to double cross him and get him arrested. 

Corrie viewers were left fearing the worst during Monday night’s episode as Kevin and Debbie spent another evening trapped in the cold.

The pair were gutted when Abi failed to hear their cries for help after breaking into the bistro, and huddled together for warmth.

In an attempt to keep them conscious, Kevin attempted to sing Abba’s Take a Chance on Me – and even tried picking a fight with his sister. 

But fans were more interested in whether Kevin and Debbie were trapped in a fridge or freezer – and how much time the pair had left. 

While it initially appeared the siblings were in a giant freezer, many eagle-eyed viewers spotted fresh food items on the shelves including pineapples and peppers, meaning it had to be a fridge. 

Viewers flocked to Twitter to express their confusion over the situation.

One confused fan tweeted: “Watching Corrie on catch up. Why are Kev and Deb freezing to death in a fridge at 3 to 5 degrees? Freezer at – 18 maybe but not a fridge FFS.”

Another added: “What is Kevin and Debbie in is it a walk in fridge or freezer? #Corrie”

A third said: “Are kevin and debbie in a fridge or freezer ? Theres fresh pineapples peppers cabbage in there! The difference between 4c and -18c #Corrie.”

A fourth viewer tweeted: “I don’t understand, are they in a fridge or a freezer? There’s peppers in there. #Corrie”

Abi eventually finds Debbie and Kevin later unconscious in the fridge later this week and rings an ambulance.

The soap has confirmed that Kevin makes a speedy recovery – and accepts Abi’s marriage proposal in hospital.

But will Debbie also survive?

Meanwhile, viewers will see evil Ray waiting at the airport as he prepares to flee the country. 

Will the villain manage to escape justice?

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