Chris Packham pays tribute to greatest David Attenborough

Rob Rinder tells Chris Packham he’s ‘made him cry’

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As someone who has always had a passion for animals and nature, Chris Packham has often been inspired by legendary nature expert David Attenborough. Speaking exclusively to, Chris paid tribute to the 96-year-old biologist, labelling him the “greatest broadcaster that’s ever lived,” and talked about the potential to work with him on a project.

“I didn’t watch much TV as a kid or as a teenager,” Chris stated.

“But as an adult when I started to work in television myself, I obviously looked around to see who was doing their job well and how they did their job well.

“I didn’t get any formal training and being a TV presenter, few people do.

“So I then started to look at the broadcasters who I really admired.”

He continued: “And of course, David was right up there.

“And so it’s probably from that point onwards that I took a keener interest in what he was doing.

“But I mean, he’s the master. He’s the greatest broadcaster that’s ever lived and will always be.

“He’s still going strong, he’s fantastic into his 90s. He is very committed, passionate, and a brilliant storyteller.

“And he also has the capacity to speak to everyone at the same time on different levels.

“He can speak to kids and adults and scientists all at the same time, and everyone is engaged with what he’s saying.

“He is, as I say, the master of broadcasting, he’s really tremendous.”

When asked if he would like to work alongside him, Chris explained: “We do quite a bit of work together away from TV.

“You know, on various campaigning and charitable initiatives and things like that.

“He speaks out quite a lot these days about climate change, and so on and so forth.

“We come at it from slightly different angles, but our views largely overlap.

“And we have always sort of enjoyed each other’s company.

“We’re both obsessed with the natural world, you know.

“You put us together and all we want to do is tell the other one about what we’ve just seen and what we’re going to be looking at next, so it’s fantastic.”

Chris will soon be on screens again for Winterwatch, which follows on from the spring and autumn variations.

Winterwatch returns for a new series on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC Two.

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