Chloe homeless for Christmas in Emmerdale as Amy kicks her out

Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) and Chloe (Jessie Elland) are set to fall out in Emmerdale after Amy fights with Charity (Emma Atkins).

Charity is arrested after the brawl, and Chloe worries that she may go to prison.

Already feeling guilty after the one-night stand with Mack (Lawrence Robb) that left her pregnant, she tries to make Amy see reason over the whole situation.

However, this ends with Amy asking Chloe to move out, leaving her with nowhere to live over Christmas.

It was recently revealed that Amy and Chloe are sisters, as Kerry (Laura Norton) is Chloe’s mum.

How would Kerry react if she found out her daughter was homeless?

As Chloe leaves, Nate (Jurell Carter) becomes suspicious of Mack’s reaction.

Could he work out the truth behind Chloe’s pregnancy?

Charity is still in the dark about Mack’s cheating, but could she be set to find out the truth?

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