Charlotte Dawson says she feels like a ‘bad mum’ to baby Noah as she struggles with sleep deprivation

CHARLOTTE Dawson admitted feeling like a "bad mum" as her baby keeps her awake all night.

The reality star gave birth to her first child Noah last month and has been very candid with fans about her motherhood journey.

Charlotte, 28, told her Instagram followers how she'd just cleaned up a "poo-nami" after Noah did a big poo and wee, including "all over his head".

"They just don't care, do they," the new mum said as he lay in bed next her newborn, who was cooing quietly as she spoke to the camera.

Charlotte was topless in bed with her hair tied up as she told her fans how Noah was up every hour and sometimes every half an hour for a feed.

"We're up again for a feed," she said in a new video, as Noah breastfed.

She said she hoped to get him into a routine and even though she was exhausted doted on her son.

"I could just eat you up," Charlotte told him and added, "with a batty and brown sauce."

Charlotte has been having fun in her post-partum life, especially as she refuses to rush to get back into shape.

Recently, she proudly showed off her mum curves in a black bra and pants in the shower.

She was having the time of her life as she boogied along.

The daughter of late comic Les Dawson captioned the video: "How I entertain myself with my seven-week post-partum bodehhhh."

Fans loved the video and flocked to her Instagram to comment.

Charlotte has been praised for keeping it 'real' and not rushing to snap back straight after giving birth.

Earlier this month Charlotte was praised for sharing a snap from her bedroom as she showed off her "tiger stripes" from her pregnancy.

She embraced her body as she stripped down to her white underwear for the candid snap on Instagram.

She captioned her smiling snap: "I am loving my chunkeh but funkeh jelleh belleh body after having my baby boyo, embracing those tiger chuffin stripes and perfect pouch.

"I might not be sexeh like these Insta models.. but this is my kinda sexeh and my Matthew loves it so that’s all that matters."

She quickly racked up thousands of likes and comments, with one fan writing: "You look amazing! And thank you for normalising not pinging back to your pre baby body straight away. It’s so nice for a new mum to see others looking normal and fabulous!! x"

Another wrote beneath her photo: "You are an absolute delight to see on Instagram. A real woman with joy and love for your baby shining out of every photo. From one lytham mama/gramma to another."

As one more said: "You’re ultimately my favourite celebrity because you keep it REAL! You look amazing."

As well as the cute baby snaps, there have been videos of sleepless nights and the changes to Charlotte's body.

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