Changing Rooms fans convinced they've rumbled a BIG show makeover secret – but did you spot it?

FANS of Changing Rooms reckon they’ve cracked the secrets behind the new designers’ makeover choices – and it all comes down to their fashion sense. 

Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe are the new power duo in charge of one of the show’s home makeovers, with their clean-cut home decor taste providing a chic new look to contestants’ homes. 

However, after Wednesday’s latest episode, fans are beginning to sense a pattern with their design choices. 

Tasked with helping out self-proclaimed ‘cat lady’ Amanda and daughter Rachel in Leeds, the pair took a drab grey living room and gave it a whole new vibe. 

Taking inspiration from scandinavian style design, the room was transformed with a collection of neutral tones with a pop of baby pink running through the room. 

Using block colours on the walls, the entire window side of the room was covered in a bright white curtain, with the furniture rearranged to make everything feel more cosy for Amanda and her beloved pets. 

Russell and Jordan had said they had taken inspiration from Kim K and hoped to transform the home into ‘a beige palace with a hint of Kardashian glam’. 

But their outfit choices piqued the interest of viewers, who believe they deliberately pick their co-ordinated outfits in order to match their colour palette each week. 

They seemingly had done the same thing the week before, with stripes being a running theme between their outfits and their makeover. 

“#changingrooms @Channel4 dress to match the room colour perfect camouflage,” one fan wrote on Twitter. 

"Could have guessed they were going to use beige – their outfits say it all, #changingrooms.” a second added. 

“It’s taken me 3 weeks, but I’ve finally worked it out,” sussed a third. “Russell and Jordan wear the colours they’re going to paint on the walls…”

The revamped version of the BBC favourite relaunched on Channel 4 at the beginning of August – complete with a new line-up and presenter. 

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen is the only star that remains on the show, with Anna Richardson taking over as host. 

Changing Rooms airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on Channel 4. Catch up now on All 4.

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