Casualty spoilers: Ffion receives life-changing news, while Ethan and Matthew come to blows

CASUALTY'S Ffion gets the shock of her life while things get heated between Ethan and Matthew in upcoming scenes of the BBC soap.

This Saturday's episode sees Jan try to fight for her marriage while wife Ffion gets a shocking diagnosis.

Jan gets the wrong idea after receiving flowers from her wife Ffion.

The card reads "thinking of you", and assumes they must be a romantic gesture.

However, Ffion told Jan the flowers were sent to the entire paramedic crew following the loss of Lev and Fenisha.

Meanwhile, Ffion gets injured and Dylan makes a startling discovery.

He informs Ffion he there's a mass on her breast leaving Ffion shocked that she may have breast cancer.

Jan tries to stay positive, but with Jan's family history of breast cancer, should she be worried?

Still unable to forgive Jan for her lies regarding Ross, Ffion refuses to let Jan use her diagnosis as a way back into her life.

Ffion feels strong enough to face a potential battle with breast cancer, but does not want to fight for her marriage.

Elsewhere, the news spreads about Ethan's decision to give up baby Bodhi, leaving Matthew particularly infuriated.

Scenes become heated as Ethan accuses Matthew of wanting Bodhi himself and Dylan is forced to intervene.

Later, Matthew realises how tough Ethan’s decision to give up fatherhood must have been and decides to reach out to him.

Casualty continues on Saturday at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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