Blue Bloods viewers demand more ‘bonding’ scenes with unlikely duo

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CBS’ hit procedural drama Blue Bloods made its thrilling return to screens with a rare focus on Eddie Janko (played by Vanessa Ray). 

The police officer was in the middle of a major scandal after she was accused of police brutality during an anti-police rally. 

She was patrolling the protest when a woman began to push her several times and threw things at the officer. 

Eddie was left with no choice but to arrest the violent protester who then proceeded to fall to the ground and pretend she had been assaulted. 

This drew the attention of others in the crowd and they began filming Eddie and believed the woman’s accusations. 

Eddie went to her father-in-law, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) who was also New York’s police commissioner and asked to be put on modified duty pending an investigation. 

She was more concerned Frank would be accused of favouritism if she remained on patrol with police brutality accusations. 

Frank stated he doesn’t give his law enforcement family any special treatment and refused to condemn them for something they didn’t do.

However, thanks to her bodycam she was cleared of any wrongdoing, but the protestor decided to sue after claiming to have a neck injury, which could result in Eddie losing her job.

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Although Frank could override the excessive force allegation he decided against it in case he was accused of a conflict of interest so he decided to put surveillance on the woman.

As the victim was caught taking off her neck brace to change a tyre the entire case was thrown out. 

Viewers were impressed to see how well Frank and Eddie worked together and demanded to see more of the duo in season 14. 

Taking to Twitter, @ellie62285157 wrote: “This was one of my fav Blue Bloods episodes. I wish Frank and Eddie would have storylines together more often.”

@naturenohurry91 tweeted: “It’s really nice to see Frank and Eddie have these bonding moments.”

A third viewer agreed: “I’m loving this Eddie and Frank storyline tonight.”

As @karinavergarap added: “Glad to see Eddie interact with Frank. Definitely, for the next season, there should be more storylines of Eddie and Frank.”

Thankfully for fans, Blue Bloods was renewed for season 14 after the cast and crew agreed to take pay cuts to keep the show on TV. 

Blue Bloods season 13 continues Fridays on CBS in the USA.

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