Black Mirror Creator Charlie Brooker Gives Update On Season 6

Right now, it feels like we’re living in an episode of the Netflix original series Black Mirror. The only that’s missing during the COVID-19 pandemic is a piece of technology making everything worse. And speaking of Black Mirror, it’s been almost a year since Season 5 arrived.

While we don’t know a lot about what’s coming for Season 6, we do know that creator Charlie Brooker is keeping a pretty tight lip about it. “I’ve been busy, doing things,” he told Radio Times. “I don’t know what I can say about what I’m doing and not doing.”

What Brooker can say is that there may be a little bit of a tonal shift in his writing. “At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working away on one of those. I’m sort of keen to revisit my comic skill set, so I’ve been writing scripts aimed at making myself laugh.”

Black Mirror has had some humorous episodes and moments in the past, like Series 2’s “The Waldo Moment,” where a vulgar, animated bear became Prime Minister or “Hang The DJ,” which was one of the more light-hearted episodes, if any episode of Black Mirror can be considered light-hearted.

There is no other information about when the next season of Black Mirror will air or how many episodes it will consist of. Brooker will be heading back to TV in the UK on BBC Two on May 14th at 9 PM BST for the Antiviral Wipe special. The half-an-hour special will cover what everyone has been doing while stuck indoors as well as how the pandemic is being covered.

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