BBC Breakfasts Charlie Stayt blasted over rude Matt Goss swipe

BBC Breakfast: Charlie Stayt compared to gingerbread biscuit

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Matt Goss was dressed in a blue denim shirt, a red checked jacket, with a neck tie and camel coloured hat. The Bros singer was well put together for his appearance on BBC Breakfast but Charlie Stayt joked he looked like he’d arrived on a horse. Viewers were angered by his remark and blasted the host for “insulting” a guest.

Charlie asked: “Do you ride horses because you look like you’ve got one tethered up outside for when you leave Media City?”

Matt took it in his stride as he hit back: “Well, I thought because you don’t lower the barriers here and me being here many times when it’s raining, I’m not going to wear a nice three piece suit like I usually do.

“But it’s nice I’ve been touring and have been more relaxed and meeting more people and it’s just been beautiful.”

Viewers were quick to point out Charlie’s “rude” interruption to mock Matt’s outfit of choice.

@KBarksy posted: “…and ends with saying “we’ll let you get back on your horse”! Thought it was rude, but well done Matt Goss for giving him the look and treating it with contempt!”

“How rude of Charlie Stayte commenting on style of Matt Goss who was clean, well turned out and smart.

“Referred to his image and compared it tohorse riding kit, suggesting twice he had come by horse,” @JoryMartin1 tweeted.

“So so rude and unkind. Insulting guests shows your true self. to#BBCBreakfast.”

@StuartShawcross added: “#mattgoss getting ribbed for wearing a plaid shirt on #bbcbreakfast by #charliestayt “you look like you have a horse outside.”

@Strummer07 asked: “Geez !! Why is Matt Goss wearing a US Marshall’s hat on #BBCBreakfast ??? – Looks plain daft !!”

However, some viewers saw the funny side of Charlie’s joke with @Floweries1 posting: “Props to BBC Breakfast for asking Matt Goss where he left his horse.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Charlie asked if the Bros star would like to compete on Eurovision.

“Was that something that passed across any time in your career?” Charlie probed.

Matt confirmed: “I’ve been asked many times. I’d love to write something for it, I’d love to be part of that process.

“Every artist has so many songs and I’d love to put a song forward for it.”

“Might that happen?” asked Charlie.

Matt smiled: “I hope so. It’s on the BBC so I’ve put it out there, I hope so.”

Naga chipped in: “Are you writing as much now as you used to?” before adding: “For other people?”

Matt explained: “Yeah so I’ve written for TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance? in America, I did the theme song.

“I did all the way back to Stuart Little, Keri Hilson, Akon. I’ve written for many, many artists yeah. I guess it doesn’t get spoken about very often.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am.

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