Bachelor In Paradise's Brendan Morais slammed for dumping Demi Burnett while 'secretly dating' Pieper James before show

BACHELOR In Paradise’s Brendan Morais was slammed for dumping Demi Burnett on night one while “secretly dating” Pieper James before the show. 

Viewers opinion of the favorite from Katie Thurston’s season has already flipped just week two into the season as he wrapped himself up in a love square with three different women. 

After initially clicking with Natasha Parker from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, Brendan, 31, shocked the group when he agreed to go on a date with Demi. 

The 26-year-old blonde bombshell showed up to Paradise unannounced and shook things up when she asked Brendan to go on the first one-on-one date of the season despite already building a romance with Natasha. 

Demi – who is a Bachelor In Paradise veteran – and Brendan had a day of fun enjoying a ride on jet ski’s along with a romantic lunch on a private beach. 

As the pair sat together, Demi heavily flirted with the suitor but he did not fully reciprocate her energy. 

“I want to kiss you,” she told him leaning into him as he appeared to hesitate. 

However, he went along with the kiss anyway and the pair began to have a long makeout session. 

As soon as their lips became unlocked, Demi gushed about her feelings while Brendan claimed that he didn’t want to pursue anything farther because there were other women he wanted to explore things with. 

He admitted to being open to “seeing where things go” if their “paths cross again” in the future but Demi became emotional and buried her head in her hands. 

She then called him a “player” as they went back to the beach disappointed. 

“I think I misjudged Brendan. He tries to come off as such a nice, innocent guy but he’s really such a player,” Demi fired off. 

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When they arrived back on the beach, Natasha confronted Brendan – both about going on a date with Demi and about rumors that swirled around on the beach. 

During the episode, the contestants spoke about how Pieper and Brendan allegedly had been talking for some time before filming began for the show – something that has also had fans buzzing on the internet for months.

Demi confronted Brendan about his prior communication with Pieper which he owned up to.

A furious Demi insisted he should have been more up front about the situation with her before agreeing to go on the date.

Though Pieper from Matt James’ season has not yet showed up on the Summer spinoff, she will allegedly join the cast later this season. 

Fans were surprised to see a new side to Brendan, with one tweeting: “Never would’ve thought Brendan would be such a f**kboy.”

“Beach Brendan SUCKSSSS where is the guy from Taysia’s season?? He went from being one of my favorite contestants ever to being literally the worst. 

“Was all the charm in the sweaters?? Hate it,” another wrote. 

A third said: “I’m sorry but he is the definition of a player right now but I guess that’s the name of the game.”

“Brendan is already sinking his image and reputation that was fast,” a fourth insisted. 

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