Antiques Roadshow guest needs a gin and tonic after £20,000 gemstone discovery

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An Antiques Roadshow guest admitted she needed a strong drink after being told the value of a gem brooch left in a drawer for decades.

In Sunday's repeat episode of the BBC One show filmed at Wimbledon, London, expert John Benjamin is dazzled by a huge brooch.

Examining the brooch, he says: "One of the stones that I think has got one of the most vivid sense of its own significance and importance and beauty of its colour is aquamarine."

The expert then says the brooch has an "absolutely massive" aquamarine.

"It is really very rare to come across an aquamarine of this size, this colour, and this beauty," he gushes.

The owner says the ornate piece of jewellery was a present from her father-in-law.

She says: "My husband's grandfather went out to Brazil in the 20s and 30s and bought this as a loose stone and it had come from the Santa Maria aquamarine which is the biggest aquamarine ever found in Brazil."

The guest explains her father-in-law had it mounted with diamonds around it and her mother-in-law wore it "once or twice."

Since she inherited it, she admits she has barely worn it other than at her daughter's wedding.

Giving his best estimation of its value, John says: "The size of the gem really is quite startling.

"And we don't see these on the market. At the auction, I would like to think we're looking at the best part of £20,000 for it."

The news clearly shocks the guest, her eyes widen and she whispers: "£20,000?"

She looks like she might laugh or cry and says: "I need a Gin and Tonic I think, after this! You've made my day."

John replied: "You and me both, thank you very much!"

The spectators then burst into applause as the guest is left to absorb the amazing news about the heirloom.

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