A Place in the Sun: Jasmine Harman raises eyebrows with raunchy enquiry ‘That’s a secret!’

A Place in the Sun: Couple ask Jasmine for 'a bigger balcony'

David and Venus were the two holiday home hunters jetting to the Algarve in Portugal during Monday’s A Place in the Sun. The pair met in Brazil over two decades ago and hold a close affinity with the Portuguese holiday destination due to how they met and desire for a sun-soaked property. However, Channel 4’s resident property expert Jasmine Harman found the search rather tricky.

With a budget of £95,000, Jasmine had quite the task on her hand to find Venus and David their dream holiday home.

The two were keen for a two-bedroom property close to the beach within their budget and also valued their privacy.

And it was this final demand which prompted Jasmine to ask a rather raunchy question when scouring over the first property.

The moment came after David and Venus both gave off a lukewarm reception to the first property before Jasmine accompanied them to the balcony.

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“So out onto this balcony,” Jasmine began. “You can see it’s quite long.”

Picking apart its flaws right away, Venus chimed: “There wouldn’t be enough space for a table, maybe a small little table?”

Jasmine echoed it’d only have room for a small table and a “small barbecue” as well.

“It is a long balcony, yeah,” David weighed in before Venus voiced her concerns further: “It’s just too close to the neighbours, I think.”

“You think?” Jasmine asked as Venus clarified: “Too close to the neighbours for me, to my taste.”

Teasing Venus about her demands, Jasmine cheekily chimed in: “Why? What are you planning to do out here that you don’t want the neighbours to see?”

David and Venus both let out a laugh at the innuendo as Jasmine began to raise her eyebrows.

“That’d be a secret,” Venus joked as she played along with Jasmine’s raunchy joke.

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The A Place in the Sun host let out a laugh before Venus and David ruled out the first property altogether.

And the next three properties didn’t fare any better in Venus and David’s eyes.

In fact, heading to the final property, Jasmine admitted she had “one last chance” to win them over.

But win them over Jasmine did as the one-bedroom Alvor Apartment with pool piqued their interest.

So much so, David and Venus put an offer forward for the apartment, on the market for just under £99,000.

After having their first offer of £88,000 rejected, the owners came back with a compromise of £92,500.

Jasmine was left over the moon as her two guests accepted and landed themselves their dream holiday home.

A Place in the Sun continues weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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