Were images of Arizona Diamondbacks’ potential new stadium leaked by architectural firm?

An architectural firm might have accidentally offered a sneak peek at what the new home of the Arizona Diamondbacks could look like if the team leaves Chase Field.

Late last week, MEIS architects briefly posted photos on their website that appear to depict a new stadium for Arizona's MLB franchise.

AZ Snake Pit, a site affiliated with SB Nation that covers the Diamondbacks, captured the images before they were taken off the MEIS architects website.

The Diamondbacks were the listed clients accompanying the renderings and it had a project date of 2019, according to AZ Snake Pit.

MEIS architects did not immediately respond to requests from The Republic regarding the existence of the stadium project or whether or not they had been commissioned by the Diamondbacks to create the renderings.

The Diamondbacks downplayed the discovery of the drawings.

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