Weirdest things sports stars have signed, including urinals, microwaves, cans of lemonade and women's breasts

THESE legends from the world of sport have proven they will sign anything.

From used urinals to women's breasts and microwaves, these stars were happy to make their fans' day with an autograph on an obscure item.

This week, Newcastle United star Jonjo Shelvey signed a discounted lemonade can for one Magpies supporter.

The hilarious moment was caught on video outside the club's training ground, with a voice on the clip overheard joking: "It's worth more than 25p now!"

But that's not the weirdest thing a sporting figure has signed, as these examples prove.


When you're a sports pin-up, you will attract your fair share of female fans.

And Becks is no stranger to getting adulation from the opposite sex, including one fan who asked for his signature in a rather private place.

She whipped down her denim shorts and requested the England legend put his Sharpie to good use on her derriere.

Smiling, David duly obliged.


The middleweight fighter was left dumbfounded when he was presented with a microwave to sign after a press conference in Newcastle ahead of his recent fight against Wanik Awdijan.

The Geordie fan even joked, "It's all I've got" as he thrusted the kitchen appliance in Eubank Jr's direction.

Days later, the signed microwave appeared for sale on eBay.

Better still, Eubank Jr agreed to match the offer and give the money to a charity of the auction winner's choice. Incredibly, it made over £66,000.


Backstage at one WWE event, Lesnar was seen on video greeting fans and signing autographs.

Suddenly, a woman in a white vest throws him a pen and pushes her breasts in his direction.

Brock takes the pen and scribbles on her top.

He must've missed something, because he returned a second later to write a message.


Another sports star putting their breast foot forward was Brazilian legend Ronaldinho.

He too was cornered by a stunning football fan, who made a cheeky request to sign her breasts.

The 2005 Ballon d'Or winner didn't flinch as he put pen to top, legitimately keeping a straight face.

The amount of autographs he's given, you can imagine that was his strangest.


NFL legend Sanders deserves special praise for signing a urinal, though.

The former Detroit Lions icon was presented with the toilet that originally came from the Pontiac Silverdrome, where the ex-running back made his name, at an event.

The fan wanted it signed, with the hope that Sanders might've used it in the past.

Incredibly, it was sold for over £2,000 on eBay.


Although it isn't a weird object, this still deserves an honourable mention because it's so funny.

Back in July, before he was given the boot by Middlesbrough, Warnock took his team on a pre-season tour of Devon.

A clip was posted online of Warnock, wearing a bum bag, reaching into it and handing over a signed photo to a young girl in the stands.

The child’s father Lee Hall shared the footage online, captioning it: "What a lovely touch.

"Thank you Neil, my daughter is over the moon."

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