UFC champion Stipe Miocic warns Jon Jones that stepping up to heavyweight will not be easier for him

STIPE MIOCIC has issued a warning to Jon Jones about stepping up to the UFC’s heavyweight division.

Bones has relinquished his light-heavyweight title after failing to agree terms with Dana White over a new deal with UFC.

But, it still looks likely that the 33-year-old will return to the octagon as he targets a shot at heavyweight king Miocic.

Fellow fighter Francis Ngannou has said Jones will easily adapt to competing at the heavier weight due to his technique and his fight IQ.

However, Miocic believes the star is taking a risk by going up against heavier rivals who need just one moment to win a fight.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: “Listen, we’re big boys with smaller gloves on.

“It just takes one (punch) I don’t care if you don’t hit hard you can still get caught I don’t care who you are.”

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Miocic, who defeated Daniel Cormier in their trilogy fight earlier this month, continued: “I look at my first fight against DC.

“I’ve been hit with everything and didn’t go down, but DC caught me with a shot I didn’t see and I went down.

“So I don’t think it will be that much easier especially when you have all that weight to worry about.

“It’s not 205 and you got guys up to 265 if not bigger who don’t cut weight.”

Miocic added: “He’s got great technique so it’s definitely going to help him.

“He is very fluid in what he does.

“He has a great game plan every time he fights. It’s a good thing to have a good plan every time you walk into a fight.”

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