Tyson Fury fears end of boxing career as training keeps mental health demons at bay

BOXING champ Tyson Fury fears his boxing career coming to an end because training keeps his mental health demons at bay.

The heavyweight also praised wife Paris as the only person who could “snap him out of it” when his problems hit.

Dad-of-six Tyson, 33, said: “I don’t know what’s going to happen if I somehow get injured where I can’t train or whatever.

"I fear those days.

"I really am scared of what might be around the corner because I know, no matter what I’ve got,  it can all be taken away from me by mental health problems.

“I believe you can never get over mental health, never.

"But you can learn to maintain it.

"If I don’t train for two or three days I dip.”

Bipolar Tyson has suffered with depression and alcohol and drug problems but credits Paris, 31, with keeping him together.

Speaking at a Wow Hydrate function before his world title fight victory over Deontay Wilder, he said: “She almost knows when I’m not well and she will say, ‘Come back to us in the living’. And it sort of snaps me out of it.”

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