Tyson Fury claims he could give ‘bum’ Anthony Joshua ‘a good hiding’ after 14 pints

TYSON FURY claimed he could give 'bum' Anthony Joshua 'a good hiding' after 14 pints.

The WBC heavyweight champ, 32, revealed this week he is necking up to 12 pints per day.

He also added he has stopped eating and training, putting his blockbuster bout with AJ in serious jeopardy.

But the Gypsy King reiterated he still believes he could destroy his British rival, even after a heavy drinking session.

Fury told MTK Global at their Fight Night in Bolton on Friday: "I could drink 14 pints and still give AJ a hiding.

"I'm not training anymore. I only need six/seven weeks anyway for these bums.

"I don't need no big, great sparring partners for a bodybuilding type of guy, I just need the local binmen."

Fury has not stepped into the ring since his February 2020 victory over Deontay Wilder to snatch the WBC belt.

Talks between the Joshua and Fury camps were expected to be wrapped up shortly with an announcement over the first unification this summer.

But despite Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn's public comments suggesting a contract deal is close, Fury dropped the bombshell this week by claiming he will NEVER fight in the UK again and the AJ fight is well off schedule.


Fury, who has a habit of conning reporters, told IFL: “I have stopped training at the moment, I am on holiday.

“I am drinking anything between eight, ten, 12 pints of lager a day, at the minute.

“But I am not eating so I am getting my calories through alcohol.

"Whatever they say is very unimportant to me because, until I have a fight date and a hell-of-a-lot of money in my pocket, there is no fight.

“Will I be fighting Joshua in the next ten minutes? No. Do I think the fight will eventually happen? Yes, it has to happen. Do I think it is next or imminent? No.

“I am not going to hold my breath for it, that’s for sure. I am not going to say ‘it is definitely happening in June or July’."

Hearn, however, reckons he called the unbeaten Fury's bluff.

The Matchroom chief and Joshua's promoter laughed off the Mancunian's comments – instead hinting huge news is just days away.

Hearn said: “Although they are going to put pen to paper, the interview was a bit disappointing because I want to hear him say 'The only fight I'm interested in is Anthony Joshua'. 

“I don't know whether he was in a bad mood or pulling everyone's plonker. What I do know is everyone has put a lot of work into this deal and he is on board.  

“I think we are days away – I know I have said that two and five weeks ago – but we are days away from giving everyone some good news.

“AJ just wants to be undisputed. He’s so driven and what I saw last night – in the minute I watched – I didn’t feel the energy from Tyson Fury."

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