Trevor Bauer has his first Dodgers complaint

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Trevor Bauer’s Dodgers tenure did not get off to an ideal start.

The newly minted $102 million ace chided Dodgers fans for seemingly being over-aggressive in their pursuit of an autograph on Wednesday night.

“Dodger fans: I love you already, I’m excited to meet you all and interact with you, and I love signing autographs for fans,” Bauer tweeted. “But please, have some respect for my personal space when I’m at my house or hotel. It’s not ok to follow me through the hotel demanding that I sign.”

Ironically, it’s not the first autograph-related controversy that Bauer has gotten into lately. Bauer apologized to Mets fans for the way his signing with the Dodgers unfolded on Friday afternoon.

His Bauer Outage site was selling signed Mets hats and other paraphernalia giving Mets fans false hope he was headed to Queens.

At least Dodgers fans know where to head if they want an autograph now.

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