Tokyo 2020: Olympics Village considers alcohol ban as part of strict Covid-19 measures

Toshiro Muto has said a policy surrounding alcohol will be decided soon

Tokyo Olympics chiefs are considering a ban on alcohol in the Olympic village due to the Covid restrictions that currently apply in Japan.

The country is in a state of emergency until at least June 20 which has seen restaurants and bars close early with a ban on alcohol sales.

Japan’s citizens largely do not want the games to go ahead, with 50-80 per cent against the event, and it’s thought allowing parties in the Olympic village when residents cannot do the same would add to tensions.

Toshiro Muto, CEO of the Tokyo organising committee, told Japanese media: “In the case that they were to drink inside their own rooms — this is equivalent to cases where we are drinking in our own home.

“Can we prohibit that? That’s not conceivable. It would be very difficult to do so.”

However, bosses are looking at rules to impose in communal areas.

He added: “We have not yet clearly decided on the (alcohol) policy. We hope to do so by the end of this month.”

There are several rules already in place that the athletes need to follow in order for the games to run smoothly.

Among them, they will be asked to sign a form to allow organisers to track their movements through a GPS system on their phones.

The village is acting as a bubble and all 11,000 Olympians and 4,400 Paralympians are expected to stay there.

Exceptions do apply, if they are at training or at venues but these places will also be treated as bubbles..

Muto added: “We are not going to monitor at all times the behaviour. It’s not for that purpose. The thing is, though, if there should be issues pertaining to their activity then, since the GPS function will be on, we’ll be able to verify their activities.”

The games are scheduled to begin on 23 July and the Paralympics will start on 24 August.

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