Team Israels baseball team apologizes for mischievous Tokyo bed prank

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Since a bogus rumor spread online about the beds in the Olympic Village last month, athletes from all over have been sharing lighthearted videos of them testing the durability of the so-called “cardboard beds.”

But Team Israel’s baseball team attempt at humor was a big swing and a miss.

The team apologized Thursday after sharing a TikTok video of nine players jumping on a bed before it gave way.

The idea of the video was to see how many players it would take to destroy the bed, which some falsely suggested were made out of light cardboard so they wouldn’t be able to sustain sex and therefore prevent possible COVID-19 transmissions.

In reality the beds at the Tokyo Games are made out of recyclable cardboard can support up to 440 pounds.

“We meant no disrespect and just wanted to show off how effective and sturdy the beds are in the Olympic village,” pitcher and fielder Ben Wanger said, according to the Times of Israel, adding that the bed was an extra and would be recycled afterward anyway. “We actually enjoy sleeping on these beds and think they are a great and sustainable option for future Olympics.”

Team manager Peter Kurz reportedly said “the players committed a childish prank,” and the Israeli Olympic Committee condemned the video.

“They apologized and expressed remorse over the mischievous act,” Kurz said.

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The Israeli baseball team on Sunday won its first Olympic game of all-time, marking Israel’s first team win in the Olympics since 1968.

On Tuesday, Israel will play against the winner of Monday night’s game between South Korea and the Dominican Republic (both 1-1).

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