NFL star Wyatt Teller carries 10ft alligator on his shoulders after killing it on hunting trip sparking furious backlash

NFL star Wyatt Teller has received a fierce backlash from animal rights activists after he shot, killed and then posed with a 10-foot long alligator.

The Cleveland Browns guard, 26, was captured on video carrying a 200lb beast around his shoulders.

He killed the reptile while on a hunting experience in Central Florida last week.

Teller linked up with his fellow American Football star and Miami Dolphins defensive end Zach Sieler, who owns the Clay Gully Outfitters.

A clip shared on Instagram by Sieler’s girlfriend, former pro basketball player Hannah Cook, showing Teller lugging the bloodied gator across the grass at her partner’s plot of land.

Cook, tagging Teller’s fiancée Carly Whiting, captioned it with: “Wish you were here, but don’t worry, Wyatt’s bringing back a souvenir.”

Whiting then posted the pic and asked: “So is this my wedding gift?”

Alligators are hunted in Florida state with the season typically lasting from mid-August until November.

Permits are required for anyone hoping to slay one of the giants.

Alligators are protected under Florida law, with the population estimated to be well over 1 million, and permits are required for anyone hunting them.

One clip of the video shows the gator’s head resting across the back of Teller’s shoulders as its body hangs down his side.

Hunting is a hugely popular pastime in the States, and even though some were in awe of Teller, the footage was also met with a huge backlash as the star was criticisedfor posing with his kill.

One response read: “This is disgusting! So cruel! Poor animal didn’t deserve to die just for that guy to have fun… someone do something please.”

Another commented: “Is carrying a dead animal supposed to be impressive?”

As another wrote: “Did he kill that gator just for a weightlifting vid? Lame bro.”

The much-loved player was also defended by his legion of fans, who pointed out he had broken no laws and that hunting was needed to manage population numbers in alligators.

One response said: “Hunting is a natural check on animal populations, for instance if you have too many deer in the population, they will consume so much that they harm other animal populations.

“They would also have to resort to grazing farms, ruining crops, and being closer to the road.”

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