McMahon apologises as Triple H says WWE have sacked employee who sent axed Mickie James her belongings in a bin bag

STEPHANIE MCMAHON has publicly apologised as Triple H confirmed the employee who sent a recently axed star their belongings in a bin bag has been sacked.

WWE hit the headlines earlier this month as they announced a number of stars, such as Samoa Joe, had been released.

Legendary former six-time Women’s Champ Mickie James, 41, was also among the performers to be axed.

Despite her iconic status within female wrestling, the veteran revealed on Twitter that Vince McMahon’s company had sent her belongings in a bin liner.

She posted a picture of the delivery and even tagged billionaire McMahon in her tweet.

James wrote: “Dear @VinceMcMahon Im not sure if you’re aware, I did receive my @WWE care package today. Thank you. #AlwaysBlessedandGrateful #WomensWrestlingMatters.”

Fans immediately acted with outrage to her post as it soon went viral.

And McMahon’s daughter Stephanie, the chief brand officer of WWE, quickly took to Twitter herself to say sorry to James.

She wrote: “[email protected] I am embarrassed you or anyone else would be treated this way. I apologise personally and on behalf of @WWE.

“The person responsible is no longer with our company.”

Her husband Triple H, the Executive Vice President of Global Talent Strategy & Development for WWE, then tweeted himself about the matter.

The Game said: “Upon learning of the disrespectful treatment some of our recently released talent received on behalf of the company, we took immediate action.

“The person responsible for this inconsiderate action has been fired and is no longer with @WWE.”

Although he has not been named by either of the wrestling chiefs, senior director of talent relations Mark Carrano was axed by WWE this week, according to Fightful. 

John Laurinitus, WWE’s head of talent relations, is also believed to have called some of the released talents to apologise as they also received the ‘care package’ following their exits.


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