Liverpool star Roberto Firmino baptised in his own swimming pool

Liverpool star Roberto Firmino baptised in his own swimming pool in an emotional ceremony involving team-mate Alisson Becker

  • Roberto Firmino shared videos of his baptism attended by team-mate Alisson
  • The ceremony took place in the forward’s own swimming pool with friends
  • Firmino has enjoyed productive season as Liverpool lead in the Premier League 

Roberto Firmino and team-mate Alisson Becker were left in tears after the Liverpool forward was baptised in an emotional ceremony held in his own swimming pool.

A large crowd of friends and family, including midfielder Fabinho, watched on as the Brazilian went through the traditional Christian baptism.

Firmino can be seen walking into the pool before having his head dunked under with Alisson also standing in the pool. 

Roberto Firmino (C) was baptised in a swimming pool with Alisson Becker (R) in attendance

The emotional ceremony left Becker and Firmino in tears as the striker embraced his wife

Te dei meus fracassos e as vitórias te darei também ?? Meu maior título é o Teu Amor Jesus! Portanto, se alguém está em Cristo, é nova criação. As coisas antigas já passaram; eis que surgiram coisas novas”! Novo tempo ??❤️?

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As he surfaces, he embraces wife Lari and appears to be overcome by emotion while Alisson also tries to fight back tears.

The ceremony was led by Brazilian gospel singer Isaias Saad and a group of backing singers. 

The majority of people in attendance were wearing t-shirts with a cross-equals-love logo on it, commonly associated with the global Hillsong Church.

Firmino was gradually lowered under the water as part of the traditional Christian routine

Brazilian gospel singer Isaias Saad played an important part during the emotional ceremony

A large crowd of friends and family gathered poolside to watch all of the baptism

In the caption on Instagram, Firmino said: ‘I gave you my failures and the victories I will give you too. My greatest title is your love Jesus!

‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old things have passed away; behold, new things have come! New time.’ 

As he he entered the water, Firmino was handed a microphone and said: ‘Jesus is love. [There is] no explanation. just believe it. Just believe and feel the holy spirit.’

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