Lamont Marcell Jacobs' former sports nutritionist under investigation

Lamont Marcell Jacobs’ former sports nutritionist – who took credit for sprinter’s shock 100m gold medal in Tokyo – is under investigation by Italian police as part of a probe into the illegal supply of anabolic steroids

  • Professional bodybuilder Giacomo Spazzini is under investigation by the police 
  • Spazzini took credit for Lamont Marcell Jacobs’ surprise gold medal in the 100m 
  • Jacobs split from Spazzini earlier this year after being made aware of the probe 
  • The investigation is fixated on the alleged illegal distribution of anabolic steroids
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Lamont Marcell Jacobs, the shock winner of the gold medal in the 100m at the Olympics, has split from his sports nutritionist, who is under investigation by the police for allegedly illegally distributing anabolic steroids.

Jacobs clinched arguably the most coveted prize in Tokyo last weekend after coming home with a time of 9.80sec, a European record, and also added another gold to his collection in the 4×100 men’s relay team.

But it has now been revealed by The Times that Giacomo Spazzini, a professional bodybuilder who has looked to take credit for Jacobs’ success, is the subject of a probe into fraud allegations and other alleged offences.

Spazzini, the owner of a fitness training and nutrition company, gave multiple interviews in Italy claiming how he had positively affected Jacobs’ career and helped him reach the pinnacle of athletics this summer. 

Just last year, he had uploaded a video alongside Jacobs to reveal how the duo looked to smash the 10-second mark. 

Lamont Marcell Jacobs’ former sports nutritionist is under investigation by the police in Italy

However, The Times have seen documents from the Italian police, which show Spazzini is linked to an investigation by the authorities in Milan. They are also examining the alleged use or supply of drugs to alter athletic performance.

Named ‘Operation Muscle Bound’, which began in June 2019, the probe is looking closely into the possibility of the handling of stolen goods.

The same police papers also reportedly contain allegations that a pharmacist flagged up to a doctor at the San Raffaele Hospital over the sale of anabolic steroids using prescriptions at the Sempio Pharmacy, which is based in Milan.

Anabolic steroids can be used as performance-enhancing drugs that increase muscle mass and lower fat. Athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders are known to use them regularly to improve their physique. 

Giacomo Spazzini is the subject of a probe into fraud allegations and other alleged offences

The investigation is probing allegations that the head of a group was able to get hold of a prescription pad and hospital doctor’s stamp, which were then used to obtain products for doping for himself and clients.

Police are investigating allegations that Spazzini was linked to this, and it is also alleged he committed fraud under Article 640 of the penal code in Italy because he did not have the necessary qualifications to identify himself as a nutritionist.

This week, Jacobs’ agent, Marcello Magnani, revealed that the sprinter separated from Spazzini earlier this year after being made aware of the probe.

‘Regarding the professional relationship with Giacomo Spazzini, this was interrupted in March 2021, as soon as Marcell became aware of the investigation,’ Magnani said.

Jacobs won the gold medal in the 100m last weekend after finishing with a time of 9.80sec

‘The investigation has never touched Marcell and, therefore, we have no information about it.’

He went on to add that any suspicions over Jacobs using performance-enhancing drugs were ‘insane’, and said: ‘Obviously, and categorically, the answer is no [he has never used any banned drugs].’

Jacobs, having only surpassed the ten-second mark for the 100m in May, was not included in the Athletics Integrity Unit’s drug testing pool, which is primarily fixated on the best athletes in the world.

He was the only sprinter from the 100m to not feature on the list, in fact.

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