Gerwyn Price showed why he is a top guy with classy gesture for Tim Healy

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Gerwyn Price is the pantomime villain of darts. Whether you love or loath The Iceman, you cannot ignore him.

It’s been a poor 2022 for the Welshman so far, but it certainly hasn’t been uneventful. He started training for a charity boxing match, only to pull out after suffering a hand injury, which led to him missing a night of Premier League action.

He incredibly hit two nine-dart finishes in one night in Belfast in February and was involved in a heated on-stage bust-up with Adrian Lewis earlier this month. Price also isn’t afraid to rally against authority, criticising the Premier League’s new format on several occasions in recent weeks. Added to that, he is also regularly booed and jeered by the crowds at events.

But if fans knew the really Gerwyn Price, they would be more charitable to the former rugby player, according to darts legend Keith Deller. The 1983 world champion, who has been in action at the World Seniors Masters this weekend, sees the current breed of players at close quarters as part of his job as a spotter for Sky Sports. He says Price is one of the friendliest guys on the circuit.

“Gerwyn Price gets a lot of stick but, I’ll tell you, he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s a top, top guy,” Deller told Daily Star Sport. One recent gesture from Price, in particular, stands out for Deller.

“I always remember, when he hit the two nine-darters in the Premier League,” said Deller. “A friend of mine, Tim Healy, of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, is a big darts fan. It was his son’s 21st and I asked if he [Price] could say a couple of words to him and he wished him happy birthday on Facetime. He’s a really, top lad."

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Deller also thinks Price’s combative personality is also perfect for the sport.

“I think he’s great for the game, and Sky are made for him as well because they want to see a bit of the old needle,” said Deller, who reckons too many modern-day players are guilty of being too nice.

“I don’t get all this 'hands up' when they take a leg when they don’t deserve it,” added Deller. “You would never have seen Eric Bristow, Bobby George, John Lowe, Jocky Wilson or me doing that.

“I’d probably put my hand up and say ‘thank you very much!’. I would not be there apologising. I cannot stand that load of rubbish, putting your hands up when you know you shouldn’t have. If you’re going to put your hands up, don’t go for it, let him have it. It’s part of the game, missing a dart and the other guy taking it out.”

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