Gabby Logan says Christian Eriksen's collapse 'stirred up memories' of brother Daniel's fatal cardiac arrest at just 15

GABBY LOGAN has opened up about the tragic death of her younger brother Daniel.

The popular TV presenter was reminded of Daniel's passing, aged just 15, by Christian Eriksen's cardiac arrest on Saturday while playing for Denmark.

Daniel Yorath, son of former Leeds and Wales star Terry, died while having a kickabout with his dad in the family's garden in 1992.

It later emerged that he had an unknown heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – which thickens the muscle of the heart, making it harder to pump blood around the body.

After the harrowing events in Copenhagen, Logan, 48, said: "Saturday night stirred up a lot of memories about Daniel, what happened to Christian, and I realised my own personal journey, my career, evolved in many ways out of a need to have some sort of a connection with his life."

She then added: "He was just a few months shy of his 16th birthday and he was about to start his full-time professional contract when he died of a condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is a hidden heart condition.

"We had absolutely no idea that he had this ticking time bomb inside him.

"He was playing football in the garden with my dad, and my other brother, who was six at the time.

"And he went over to the long grass to pick up a ball, fell over, and died."

Logan then disagreed with the notion that 'football doesn't matter', by saying that 'passions are important'.

She continued: "None of us would ever put anything above human life.

"But for me, football is, in so many ways, about life. It was my brother's passion and it was my dad's job.

"It's not everything but passions are important. It's not just football, it's art, it's music. You may be obsessed by trees and topography. You might be into food and colouring things.

"When you have a passion, it's what fuels us as humans, and it's what drives us, and it's what leads us to be creative and inventive and come up with cures for diseases or come up with art that leads people to design a play.

"I felt like saying 'football doesn't matter' is a bit too definite and final. And who's to say what matters?"

Eriksen is now recovering in hospital, after being stabilised by the exceptional medical staff in Copenhagen.

The midfielder, 29, posted an image of himself smiling from hospital yesterday, thanking fans for their 'sweet' messaged and revealing that he's 'fine – under the circumstances.'

The former Spurs star will now be cheering on his team-mates from the sidelines for the rest of the tournament, which they resume tomorrow against Belgium.

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