Conor McGregor’s best UFC performances ranked by analyst and former fighter Dan Hardy – The Sun

CONOR McGREGOR became the UFC’s biggest star with his outrageously eccentric character – but also the knockouts to back it up.

The Irishman’s left hand has become as famous as his pre-fight one liners that have turned him into a global phenomenon.

McGregor’s historic pay-per-view numbers have been justified by his performances, which led to him becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time.

The Irishman, 33, is currently a wounded animal, after losing his trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier when he was force to retire with a broken leg.

SunSport caught up with British analyst Dan Hardy and asked him to rank Notorious' three best performances in the Octagon.

3. Max Holloway: August 2013 – points win

This is the only decision fight on his record bar the Nate Diaz rematch.

That was a great performance because he overcame some obstacles in that fight. He hurt his knee, had to work his pound and ground and his striking was excellent.

That was also a young Max Holloway who then went on a crazy winning streak and proved how good he was.

I would say that decision win against Holloway was a real stand out performance.

2. Jose Aldo: December 2018 – 13 second KO

He read this opportunity, he set the combination in his mind and saw the vulnerability in Aldo.

Conor laid the foundation in the build up, teasing him, poking him and making sure Aldo was an emotional wreck coming into the fight.

I don’t think Conor could have predicted it as well as it went. The way Jose came forward and them crashing down with that left hand, it couldn’t have been scripted any better for McGregor.


1. Eddie Alvarez: November 2016 – 2nd round KO

My favourite performance so far has to be in the Eddie Alvarez fight.

I got into it on Inside The Octagon, and how Conor created like an invisible barrier for his punches and Alvarez thought he was safe but it was almost an illusion but Eddie was standing in the pocket only for McGregor to step through.

It was high-level range management over someone like Eddie Alvarez, a champion in many different organisations, a veteran of the game and a great striker.

For me it was a really beautiful performance.

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