Your Valentine’s Day 2021 Horoscope Is More Unconventional Than Usual

There are two types of people in this world: non-conformists and those who have a yearly countdown to Valentine’s Day. You either really love or really hate this holiday. However, despite whether you’re expecting to become completely smitten this year, your Valentine’s Day 2021 horoscope is a lot more erratic than romantic. By no means should this be a reason for you to panic or second-guess your Valentine’s Day plans. In addition to being the "most romantic" day of the year, it’s a day for celebrating friendship and, more importantly, indulging in your favorite chocolates.

On Feb. 14, the sun will be traveling through rebellious Aquarius while the moon ignites Aries’ cardinal fires. Though neither of these energies are at odds with each other, there are other astrological factors to consider. For instance, since we’re referring to themes surrounding romance and companionship, Venus and Mars take the spotlight. Exploring the zodiac sign they’re transiting through, along with the aspects they make with each other and other planets, is essential to determine relationship dynamics, but we can’t lose sight of the bigger picture. There are six planets — including asteroid Pallas — transiting through a fixed air sign, and two via fixed earth signs.

Given that the element air is symbolic of the mind and logic, while earth represents the five senses and themes surrounding stability, there’s an automatic disconnect between your ability to process information versus feeling present in your physical body. Mercury retrograde will also sit alongside almighty Jupiter, magnifying everything from the foundation of your exchanges to the people you’re surrounding yourself with. The idea of freedom takes the reins during Aquarius season, and everyone wants to share their two cents.

So whether you decide to have a romantic night in with your SO, or have a fun FaceTime date with your closest friends, don’t hesitate to keep things casual. Aquarius’ zodiac archetype has everything to do with community, and with the planet of love currently transiting through its freedom-loving territory, the more unusual the better. Venus in Aquarius prefers to keep the vibes lighthearted, as the Goddess of Love would much rather indulge in her eccentricities and unconventional desires than merge with her soulmate.

In the meantime, here’s what Valentine’s Day 2021 has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You’re Social Distancing, But Missing Your Friends

The moon’s traveling through your sign, which means you can totally cry if you want to, Aries. (Not literally, I hope.) Although, with the moon approaching its conjunction with wounded healer Chiron, the key is to be gentle with yourself. Prioritize your comfort today. Whether you’re single or smitten in love, don’t hesitate to reach out to your besties, if need be.

Taurus: You’d Prefer To Have A Soiree At The Office

Everyone knows you know a thing or two about aesthetics, but don’t forget to have some fun in the process, Taurus. Truth is, with so many planets transiting through your public 10th house of career, you’re likely more preoccupied with making an impression on the world than on your cutie pie. Balance is everything.

Gemini: You’re Preoccupied With Your Next Big Move

Need a raincheck, Gemini? It’s not every day a stellium of planets ignites your adventurous ninth house of experience and thrill, let alone while clashing with Mars and Uranus in your secretive 12th house of solitude. It’s not that you’re not in the mood for a little affection; you simply prefer to keep your eyes on the prize.

Cancer: You’re Crushing And It’s Too Close For Comfort

You’re in the mood to raise havoc, Cancer. Though you’re also looking to settle down and/or rekindle the flame with your lover, there’s a part of you seeking a lot more thrill than you feel comfortable admitting. To misbehave, or not to misbehave, that is the question.

Leo: You’re A Perfectionist With Valentine’s Day Plans

Don’t get all up in your head about it, Leo. You’re the epitome of love and passion, and it’s the thought that counts. Besides, you have so many planets touching down on your relationship sector that the acknowledgement you crave is inevitable. Again, don’t put too much pressure on things and have fun.

Virgo: You’re Pretty And Pink With The Details This Year

There’s something different about you these days, Virgo. Single or taken, you’re a lot more adventurous than everyone’s used to, which is probably why you’re choosing to take a risk or two in the process. In the midst of being more adventurous, however, don’t hesitate to spruce up your space. It’s going to be all heart eyes.

Libra: You’re Hogging All Of The Attention, Because You Can

It’s your favorite holiday (besides your birthday), so go off, Libra. With a stellium of heavenly bodies illuminating your romantic fifth house of affection, love, passion, and pleasure, it’s no wonder you’re glimmering with charisma. However, in the midst of being struck by Cupid’s arrow, Mars and Uranus are bound to intensify the dynamic.

Scorpio: You’re Getting Cozy With Your Sweetheart

Home is where your heart is this year, Scorpio. Whether you’re single or attached, the celestial energies hovering over your domestic fourth house are bound to pull you right back into your sweet sanctuary. Mars-Uranus are also getting hot and heavy in your relationship sector, so make sure to leave some room for your Valentine.

Sagittarius: You’re Not Being A Player, You’re Just Crushing Hard

Simmer down, Sagittarius. Whether it be in the workplace or with one of your immediate acquaintances, chances are you’re using your words and smoldering passions to get what you want. Texting much? Don’t let those butterflies get you off track from your daily duties. One thing at a time.

Capricorn: You’re Feeling Extra Bougie This Valentine’s Day

You don’t need a Valentine to indulge in your sensual pleasures, Capricorn. Although, at the rate you’re going with the current astro-weather, chances are you’ll have enough options to make your decision a difficult one. Have a good time, but more importantly, don’t let your ego cloud your judgment.

Aquarius: Everyone’s Crushing On You, But You’re In Your Feelings

Chin up, Aquarius. Though the volatility of Mars and Uranus in your domestic fourth house of home and emotional foundations is enough reason to call it a day, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate. Besides, it’s not just your Valentine looking to spend time with you — your peers also can’t seem to get enough of you.

Pisces: You’re Planning Something That’s Out Of This World

With so many planets lighting up your solitude-loving 12th house of dreams and all things behind the scenes, you’re likely craving more alone time than usual, Pisces. Although, with today’s moon igniting your luxurious second house of comfort — while its ruler, Mars, fuels your thoughts — you’re better off bringing these romantic visions to life. So don’t hesitate to get creative this Valentine’s Day.

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