Women in tarot: Card meanings and what the one you resonate with says about you

Today is International Women’s Day; a pause in proceedings to focus on celebrating, uplifting, and recognising women the world over, in all corners, roles, countries and niches.

I’d like to draw your gaze to some of the feminine icons of the tarot card system. Let me introduce a few of them and see if any call out to you today.

These cards represent hundreds of years of human wisdom. The female icons here have evolved over centuries.

Do any of them resonate with you personally? Perhaps one of them could be a talisman for you and your personal development at the moment? Perhaps there’s a message for you here?

Read on for explanations of each card’s meaning, along with how the icon (or icons) that you’re drawn to can guide you in life.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a hustler! A bold and energetic go-getter.

You need to be strong, bold and assertive about what you want in this life. The Queen of Wands is a leader and takes others with her on account of her infectious good nature and vision.

The Queen of Wands lets passion lead, goes all in on everything she invests in, uplifts others along the way, and takes risks. Life is a game.

What if she resonates with you?

Your actions inspire others to dream, learn and become more. You are ready to become a leader.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is a fiercely intelligent and direct truth-sayer. She urges those under her wing to stop dancing around the issue and see things as they really are.

You can’t do anything useful with lies or illusions. All progress should be built on truth and honesty, that is how firm foundations are built which enable us to reach new heights.

This queen would rather think than feel. She is sharp and shrewd.

What if she resonates with you?

You see things as they truly are and the world needs your honest, dispassionate appraisals more than ever.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups is emotional, wise, empathetic, and intuitive. A psychic visionary.

She urges you to look within, find your own sub conscious voice and gut instinct and trust it wholeheartedly.

Feelings are a guide, they are not to be brushed over or away. You should always follow your heart, over your head, because your heart has the true measure of what you desire.

What if she resonates with you?

You are here to heal, advise, reassure, counsel and comfort others. Your power is in your soothing presence.

Queen of Coins

The Queen of Coins is in control.

She is both a self-made success story and a kind of Mother Nature figure. She takes care of herself, of her business, and others.

This queen is practical, assertive, resourceful, and shrewd about her material world: health, energy, money, career, home, assets. Our sense of security (and therefore confidence) is so often built on these things.

What if she resonates with you?

You are a practical, can-do character who can help others navigate their way to optimum health and wealth.

The Empress

The Empress is a symbol of fertility, family, love, creativity and nature.

This card signals getting back to basics, the fundamentals of life, the things we all yearn for – a loving home, a close family, beautiful surrounds, the chance to express ourselves.

She can be a prompt you’re falling in love, starting or growing your family, getting a new pet even.

What if she resonates with you?

You are ready to ‘nest’ and create the beautiful home and family lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a solo operator, a mysterious and intuitive woman who trusts her own instincts wholeheartedly.

She takes time to connect within, to meditate, to seek enlightenment from her own inner wisdom and imagination.

She is psychic, she is magic, she is self contained and able to rely on her own powers of understanding. She puts intuition over reason.

What if she resonates with you?

You are tuning in to your intuitive, even psychic, ability and trust your own gut instincts more than ever. You are self reliant and wise. You are a voice of truth.

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