Woman with worlds biggest mouth reacts to man whose penis size broke records

A woman with the "world's biggest mouth" left fans in stitches when she posted a video reacting to a man who claims to have the "largest penis" on Earth.

Sam Ramsdell, who holds a Guinness World Record for a having the largest female mouth at 6.52cm, recently re-watched an episode of ITV's This Morning.

During the segment, host Josie Gibson gives viewers some facts on average penis size.

She states that British blokes tend to measure between five and seven inches when erect — but Jonah Falcon is packing a lot more in his pants.

He is widely regarded as having the biggest todger in the world, although this hasn't been confirmed officially.

Josie said: "Jonah's appendage measures a whopping 13.5 inches!" she says.

Sam, set-up a second screen to show off her reactions.

And upon hearing how well-endowed Jonah is, she immediately raised her eyebrows and dropped her jaw.

When co-host Phillip Schofield brings a cylinder model out to demonstrate the size of the guest's penis, he added: "This is the correct length when erect and the correct girth.

"That's about eight inches round and 13.5 inches there."

At this point, Sam couldn't stop laughing and she wrote: "I am losing my mind. No comment…"

But the interview took an unexpected turn when Jonah pulled up one of his pictures showing his penis to the two hosts.

"This is just for you so you don't have to use all that imagining," Jonah told Phillip and Josie.

Sam looked completely stunned and burst out giggling when she saw the hosts' reactions, with Josie screaming: "Oh my God!"

Phillip said: "Hell fire! Congratulations, well done!"

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Viewers were loving Sam's priceless reactions and they commented to share their thoughts on her Instagram.

One said: "You know we're all thinking it, Sam."

"Yes, match made in heaven," a second joked and a third wrote: "That's a new challenge for you."

Sam previously challenged to scoff off an eight-inch hot cross bun from Aldi but has been defeated.

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