Woman who has identified as witch since she was 15 shares how she marks Xmas

Many people love Christmas and all the fun it brings with it – however, can you still enjoy it as a witch?

Well witchcraft enthusiast and practitioner Jessica Streek has admitted that she still loves Christmas – even though she doesn't celebrate Christianity or the birth of Jesus.

The redhead, who boasts more than 600,000 followers across her Instagram account and @jessie_streek TikTok page opened up to Daily Star about how the holidays are for her.

She told us: "I actually love Christmas – I've recently put my decorations up.

"Christmas is my second favourite holiday after Halloween, of course.

"My family are Christian and celebrate Christmas, whereas I celebrate the pagan holiday Yule.

"They take place at the same time and are similar in a lot of ways, however they have different beliefs."

This year, Yule will begin on Tuesday December 21st and will end on Saturday January 1st, 2022.

It originates from the 12-day festival, celebrated by Germanic peoples, around the winter solstice in December and January and also has pagan roots.

Yule usually includes a twelve-day feast, sometimes called epiphany, which was intended to correspond with the pagan holiday, the feast of Sol Invictus, which celebrated the winter solstice and the gradually lengthening days of increased sunlight.

Continuing to chat, Jessica, who has identified as a witch since the age of 15, added: "My family are so loving and embracing of my beliefs.

"It's easy for me to get into the spirit of Christmas and enjoy it for what it is, but I come at it from a pagan witch perspective instead of a Catholic or Christian perspective.

"Their stories of Jesus, in the pagan holiday, that doesn't exist. Yuletide is different for that."

Jessica also admitted she practices New Year's resolution spell work to set good intentions for the coming year.

She told us: "I do prosperity workings – not necessarily for money but for happiness for my family.

"I make small candles and light them for my family to put out there to the universe that I want them to have a good year.

"I also light candles for family members who have passed on to connect with them.

"I do spell work to encourage these resolutions, then put actions in to follow up on that."

Jessica trained in acting at university, but is now a witch full-time online, after admitting she earns enough from her large following to not have to work anywhere else.

However, she says she would like to get her acting career back on track in 2022.

Jessica says she managed to win a few roles after Uni but lost them again during the pandemic.

"I'd love a balance between by witchcraft and acting career in the future, she says.

"That would be the ultimate goal."

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