Woman ‘slurps spilt drink’ through straw on pub floor as drinks ‘too expensive’

A woman has been filmed drinking a spilt drink through a straw off the floor of a Dublin pub, claiming it was "too expensive to waste".

Scottish Stephanie Wilkie, was in the city with her friend Jade for the Bank Holiday weekend, when the pubs were packed.

The pair had visited a number of locations throughout their short stay, however, in one bar Jade knocked her drink to the floor.

The young woman decided that Dublin was "too expensive to waste spilled drinks", so she jokingly took her straw and headed for the ground.

The hilarious moment was filmed by Stephanie who said she "genuinely didn't remember the name of the pub, we have been in so many".

The hilarious video which had Stephanie in stitches was posted to Twitter .

It was a funny way to round off the trip as the pair head home today.

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