Woman catches boyfriend watching Chelsea match on phone while shes in hospital

A football-mad boyfriend watched the Chelsea match on his phone while his girlfriend was being treated for a potential spine injury in hospital.

Casey Cleaver sought medical attention after she arrived back from a holiday in Thailand.

The influencer and model didn't feel quite right after she fell off a motorbike on her vacation but waited until she got back to the UK to see a doctor.

In a viral TikTok clip, she showed how hospital workers feared that there was "something wrong" with her spine so she had to be strapped into a head immobiliser as she awaited a CT scan to find out more.

But as Casey was resting in the hospital bed, her boyfriend decided there were more pressing matters on his hands – the Chelsea versus Real Madrid match.

In a TikTok clip that racked up 339,000 views, the influencer can be seen on a hospital bed with her head strapped in between the immobiliser.

She wrote in the clip: “When you're literally in a head restraint and your boyfriend just wants to watch the Chelsea game.”

Casey then flipped the camera and showed her boyfriend engrossed in the Champions League quarter final football match that commenced on April 12, 2022.

And, to make matters worse the London club actually ended up losing on aggregate to the Madrid team.

In response to her video, many women fled to the comments as they were able to relate to Casey and her football-mad boyfriend.

One person commented: “This seems all too familiar.”

Another user related: “My partner watched the Liverpool match while I was in labour, full blown labour at this point too.”

A third woman shared: “Mine was sat playing the Switch whilst I was in labour.”

Someone else voiced: “Just sent my boyfriend this and his reply was ‘at least I’ll be sat by you still’.”

And, this person expressed: “This would actually be my boyfriend.”

However, many lads felt like the bloke did nothing wrong and didn't blame him for not wanting to miss out on the game.

One user said: “I mean what else can he do? You’re just laid there.”

This person declared: “I salute this man.”

And, this person defended: “It was a really good game tho…”

A fourth user claimed: “Good lad.”

Meanwhile, this person wrote: “Fair enough to him.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the lad is in the right or the wrong.

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