Woman accidentally posts screenshots of dirty texts on Facebook Marketplace

We’ve all sent a message before and then realised there’s an embarrassing mistake within it.

Whether you’ve accidentally sworn at your mum or asked your boss for something rude auto-correct can provide plenty of laughs.

However, there’s one mistake which few of us wouldn’t be humiliated by – sending raunchy images or words to the wrong person.

And, if it wasn’t bad enough sending a cheeky text to the wrong contact what would you do if you accidentally uploaded it to social media?

That’s what happened to one poor lass after she went to sell a sofa on Facebook Marketplace.

But, she admitted she was mortified after she shared a screenshot of a steamy text conversation alongside the snaps of her couch.

The screen grabs were uploaded to the “For Sale In Walthamstow And Surrounding Areas” Facebook page where locals were given a shocking insight into her naughty conversation.

We're red-faced at the thought of it….

The woman was trying to flog a corner sofa, armchair and matching pouffe on the online market, but got more attention than expected after adding the photos.

That's because she accidentally added a screenshot of her personal messages to the listing too.

Some of them read: “You ready to f*** this on the table?” And “I want to f*** it.”

It’s unknown how long she let the post remained up before spotting her mistake and taking the messages down.

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But, we’ll bet she was cringing when she realised…

What would you have done in this situation? Tell us in the comments section down below…

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