Will Baby Archie Help Fix Meghan Markle's 'Difficult' Image?

Meghan Markle has earned a reputation for being “difficult” and whether or not that is really true, it’s a distinction that continues to be reported in the media. Her friends claim she is anything but difficult and many fans of the royals wonder if Markle’s role as new mom to baby Archie Harrison will help her image in the headlines.

Will baby Archie soften Markle’s image?

Time will tell, of course, if the addition of baby Archie in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lives will make the media reports any kinder about their take on Markle’s disposition.

The rumors about Markle being difficult have slightly slowed down since the baby’s arrival and, according to brand expert Eric Schiffer, chairman of Reputation Management Consultants, Archie could very well change the perception about Markle.

Schiffer told the Express: “Meghan Markle’s new baby boyshifts her image from Royal Family outcast, being referred to as ‘bridezilla’and ‘difficult,’ to new mother of the seventh in line to the throne.”

He added: “Royal babies have a power to bring peopletogether and will douse flames of outrage surrounding the controversial Duchessof Sussex and create a halo of positivity for the Royal Family.”

Markle’s friends recently defended her

In the CBS special, Meghan and Harry Plus One, Markle’s friends were more than happy to clear up the rumors about the duchess. Her makeup artist, Daniel Martin, told Gayle King: “What’s so frustrating is that you hear these stories and there’s no truth to them.”

He added: “It’s not the same person. In the years I’ve knownher, the years I’ve worked with her, she’s never had a diva fit, never. I knowshe doesn’t deserve all of this negative press.”

Martin also addressed all the fuss over Markle’s American baby shower and noted, “It’s so funny because she’s still Meghan to me. All of us here just wanted her home and to celebrate her new baby.”

Markle’s friend, actress Janina Gavankar, noted that the duchess ignores the press altogether, sharing, “she doesn’t read the bad or the good because she knows the metrics that you have for your own life cannot be based on a headline that somebody else wrote. But the rumors are frustrating.”

Will the baby help mend the reported royal feuds?

In addition to claims that Markle is difficult, there are many rumors about feuds between Prince Harry and Prince William as well as between Markle and Kate Middleton. It’s believed that Archie’s arrival could help mend some of that tension, if it does indeed exist.

A source close to the royal household told PEOPLE: “Williamand Harry will want their children to know their cousins and do thingstogether, so they will work harder at their relationship. The brothers willhave a different kind of relationship and move on.”

Following the birth of Archie, Prince William shared his excitement about the newest royal, telling the media he was “absolutely thrilled” and joking: “I’m very pleased and glad to welcome my brother to the sleep deprivation society that is parenting!”

Additionally, a palace insider told Us Weekly that a new baby will change the dynamic between the duchesses, sharing: “Meghan and Kate will be spending a lot more time. Now that they’re bonding over motherhood, they’ve become closer than ever.”

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