What Does Falling In Love Feel Like? 12 Women Nail The Definition

Most of us will have the pleasure of falling in love at some point in our lives, but what does falling in love feel like? How do you put into words that warm, fuzzy feeling we place so much value on? That warm, fuzzy feeling that people have written songs and movies about? That warm, fuzzy feeling that people have started wars over?

Well, I guess, as you can see from the above, I would describe it as warm and fuzzy. Falling in love with my boyfriend made me feel like I just dressed my heart in a cozy, thick, cashmere-lined robe. And also that robe, despite being just light enough, was extremely strong. It made me feel safe and like everything was going to be OK. But weirdly also terrified! Like someone is going to come in at any point and rip my warm, fuzzy robe off my heart. Eventually, the terror subsided and all that was left was the warm fuzziness.

But that’s just me! What makes falling in love so special is that it’s different for each person. Each love story is unique. The feeling that love conjures for each person in love is totally different. And in a recent Reddit AskWomen gave 12 different definition for what falling in love feels like for them. They’re all different and they’re all accurate. And that’s the beauty of falling in love!

It feels like they highlight all of your experiences.


It’s a little scary.


It leaves you wanting the best for them.


It’s a choice.


It’s having one best day ever after another.


It’s an endless stream of butterflies.


It feels like your heart is literally growing.


It gives you permission to unapologetically be yourself.


It makes you feel protective over them.


It’s easy.


It’s comfortable.


It’s always evolving.


See? Falling in love feels different for everyone. And if your love feels different with all of these definitions, that’s OK!

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