We Are All Aidy Bryant as She Stares in Horror at Seth Meyers in the SNL Blooper Reel

The only thing that could make the hilarious 44th season of Saturday Night Live even better is a blooper reel, and thanks to the powers that be at NBC, we finally have one!

One of the greatest parts of the live comedy show is watching both the cast and hosts try to keep their cool while performing the zaniest of skits, but since the “live” part of Saturday Night Live has adapted to include prerecorded digital sketches, we’ve been missing out on catching those moments during some of our favorite pretaped skits. To soothe our SNL withdrawal, the broadcast network released a hilarious compilation of outtakes from season 44’s various digital skits that highlights everyone forgetting their lines, breaking character, and dropping props (or ripping their pants).

Somehow, the reel manages to be even funnier than the season itself, and that’s a feat considering this season was wild! Check out the blooper reel above, and try not to cry laughing at Aidy Bryant’s sheer horror when she sees Seth Meyers’s in his “Beta Force” costume for the first time.

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